Albany Radio Sailing Club Inc.

The club has been in an ever growing mode since 2007 when Ian Lunt and a couple of mates started sailing on the City of Albany irrigation pond on North Road.  The club was only incorporated in 2014, previous to that sailing on Sundays was for those who wanted mateship and fun. The pond was only 80m long x 50m wide with a fountain in the corner restricting access to the whole pond. Around 2012 the club had regular 8 – 10 boat turnouts for Sunday racing.  It was at this time that Perth sailors were invited to compete in a local regatta at the pond. Fleet sizes were reduced to make room for everyone as some 20 boats competed. Local sailors learned a lot from interaction with the experienced sailors, the club has subsequently produced a core of competitive sailors.

                                                                                            Pre 2019 Sailing Pond - Right hand pond

City of Albany Irrigation PondsCurrently the club races fleets of IOM, DF95, and DF65 yachts. The IOM fleet started Championship and Handicap Series racing every Sunday morning using the HMS scoring system in 2014. DF95 and DF65 fleets are in the developmental phase within the club with social sailing days and racing days.

The club holds a Great Southern Regatta every year and has done so since 2012. A second regatta within the same year has occurred on several occasions. Regattas were held at the Foreshore Marina because it offered more room, public exposure and good sailing. Sailors from Perth enjoyed sailing at the Marina.


In 2013 the City of Albany tabled the Centennial Sporting Complex development idea. The club made submissions to outline its requirements for a radio sailing lake. It took another 6 years before work began on the new lake measuring 110m x 100m. Sailing for the latter half of the 2018/19 season was held at the Warrenup lake. Sailing commenced on the new lake in September 2019.

                                                                                                   City of Albany Post 2019 Sailing Lake

lake imageIn 2020 the club is hosted the State DF95 Championship which was won convincingly by local sailor Andrew Grist, Andrew had previously won the Australian DF95 Championship earlier in the year.  Club members have a great benchmark within its ranks.

The club is also to hold the State DF65 Championship in 2020. Sailors from the metro area are keen to test the waters of the new facility.

The new lake enticed some 17 sailors from Perth to compete in the Great Southern Buster Regatta in August of 2020.  The facility was received with great enthusiasm having uninhibited wind access for the prevailing breezes, easy access for launching and parking, a safe and clear access walkway and handrail.

The club has a membership nearing 40 members, many having a combination of IOM, DF95 and DF65 boats.

Lakeside sailing and viewing                                                                                         IOM sailing


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