Getting Started with DragonForce 65 Yachts.

 We sail DragonForce 65 radio-controlled yachts and are privileged to have one of the best facilities for our sport. With some never sailed before members as well as some very experienced sailors in our club no one should feel out of place or overwhelmed.

Sailing is on both  Wednesday mornings, gathering around 9.30 am. with races starting at noon.

Please feel free to join us for a few weeks after which we would like you to become members which costs a total of $45 for 2020 and includes membership in our affiliated associations, the Radio Sailing Assoc. W.A. and the Australian Radio Yachting Assoc. and covers public liability insurance.

The Joysway DragonForce 65, or DF65 for short, is by far currently the best selling RC yacht in the world. The reasons are as simple as the concept and design itself, which was developed in collaboration between Joysway and three top performance yacht designers (Mike Weston, Mark Dicks and John Tushingham) known as the group of three. This partnership has resulted in the DF65 which was first released in February 2013, an affordable competition class RC yacht that is so affordable it can be enjoyed by serious competitors and non-serious hobbyists alike. Sleek lines and competition-developed sails make the DragonForce 65 race, perform and compete against even those yachts that would be 10 times the price!

Df65’s are available from Hobby Warehouse in a complete kit from for $247 and reasonably easy to assemble. You will need 8 AA batteries and you are ready to sail.

As you progress you will probably need a couple of different size sails and some form of rechargeable batteries, but we suggest beginning with the standard kit and then build up as you learn from experience and others.

This link is for the black hull kit version although white is generally available.    Please ensure you purchase the kit with the transmitter.

One last thing, when you have your boat you will need to register your hull to get a sail number which can be done through The Australian DF Radio Sailing Ass. Membership and hull registration is free. ADFRSA Web Page

Download details for numbering sails here sail-numbering-diagram(2) (Please use only the last 2 digits on your sails, with provision for a 1 in front, as indicated on the diagram.) 

Number stencils can be purchased from CutOut Plastics Unit 3/39 Reserve Drive, Mandurah W.A.  These need to be 100mm high in "Arial" Font.


The DF 65 and 95 world site, including:class rules, sail templates, rigging and tuning info: 2/

 The UK equivalent:


This is some important advice that has been put together regarding the purchase of your new DF65 based on lots of input

You should start with the Version 6 transmitter - $189

Buying without the transmitter reduces the cost by $58

Transmitter – Flysky i6 - $86

For $32 extra, this one is fantastic value and used by almost all sailors because it has considerably more functionality. The best features are battery life in the boat is displayed on the screen so you don’t run out and the boat sails away!, plus more fine tuning of the controls. I can send you a comprehensive operating manual (better than the manufacturer’s one) when you are ready.

There are two models – Mode 1 gives you left hand steering and Mode 2 right hand (recommended) depending on your dexterity. Also make sure you buy one that has the hard case shell for the receiver and dual antennae (for better receiver reception) – Flysky i6B. Watch for lower cost offers because they may not have the receiver inside.

Batteries –

These ones are recommended Get at least 2 or 3.

Research and learn how to care for these batteries as they will balloon up and be useless if left to discharge below about 4.7volts.

Battery Charger

Any charger that is designed for LiFe batteries and has a balance charge function is okay. Make sure they come with the power transformer and plugs that will fit Futaba leads (these are the type of cable connection used in the boat)

A+ Mast Set – HWH $67

You will quickly realise that the boat is sailed predominantly in winds under 20kph The standard A rig (3/4 jib) is best from 12-18 kts. The A+ rig (mast head jib and bigger main) is used about 85% of the time


The standard ones for A rig are okay but the A+ are a bit too heavy at 50 micron Mylar ($60). There are many popular manufacturers making 36 micron sails are most.... talk to your local club members


The dyneema braid supplied with the boat is pretty poor quality but it can be used. Its better to buy some 30lb spectra/dyneema from BCF or any fishing shop. It will wear better and is easier to thread.


The low price of this gear also means the you should have spares ..... servos etc ....expect to replace some parts from time to time.

There are several other smaller parts needed – extension cable, antennae holders, hatch covers, hull sealing patch etc

If you plan to sail in salt water, it’s essential to buy some CorrosionX from Whitworths ($35) and use it regularly on all electrical and metal parts.

…check out this video!!!

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