Feb 14, 2021

DF95 Sailing - Friday February 12th



9 boats sailed in very mild breeze.  A big difference to the previous week of strong winds.

The days' breeze needed an A rig setup, the light winds causing slow racing along with requiring several course changes.

Racing comprised a mixture of handicap and scratch racing.  We are getting setup for more regular racing and are finding where everyone lies with respect to one another to develop a handicap structure.

Many thanks to Brian Richardson for planning and running today DF 95 sailing .

Brian combined handicap and scratch really well and resulting in a most enjoyable days sailing. 

Eight 95 's on the water plus Grant with his " kinda 95 "  also enjoying himself although at a disadvantage with a much heavier far older designed yacht . But watch our Grant will take delivery of his new 95 in the next week or so . 

Murray H was on a bit of runner and Phil R was on fire either leading the fleet out and or taking wins and podium places . 

Brian R got into a bit of trouble with the manual countdown at times but is forgiven as trying to race himself at the same time ,  difficult for us guys trying to do more than one thing at a time and doesn't my wife remind me constantly ! 

Wind was non existent to maybe 7 -8 knots  ( hey I'm no expert , just guessing here ) which made sailing rather challenging at times . 

Peter 34 arrived a  little late and as usual was very competitive , thankyou for speaking to myself nicely after I didn't give way when I was the windward boat  Peter .... it was really an accident when I tripped over you in the next race  . 

Finished off today with totally enjoyable one , two and three lap short course sprint races  again invented by Brian R  ... I think everyone including myself had a ball competing in these events . 

We just need to get some good numbers of 95's on Sunday arvo's now and don't forget sremain for DF 65  also allowing for these little wonder yachts to be raced alongside their bigger brothers on Sundays again. 

Brian H always comes up with a decent excuse for no wins today ... someone ran into him and somehow adjusted  one of his bridle bowsies   , wonders  will never  cease with this bloke .

In good time the 95 team will sort out  handicaps , scoring and reporting so that it will all be put up on the club website . 

Looking forward to seeing everyone again next week.  Please rock up early, before 9.50, so we can get started on time.

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Day One: 20/03/2021
Registration: 0930 to 1000 hours
Measurement and inspection: 0930 to 1000 hours
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Day 2: 21/03/2021
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Racing concludes: No Race will commence after 1330 hours
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