Feb 11, 2021



A fleet of 12 took to the lake/pond/drain/water and sailed a split series of handicap and scratch races. Initially with 4 handicap followed by 4 scratch, the additional races were designated scratch. This format proved to be popular. A big thanks to Peter T who took up the role of PRO after the first 2 races.

Peter B made the most of a generous handicap and took out this cluster of races. Eddy benefitted from dropping a race and his PRO race scoring average points and finished a very good 2nd.  Grant is showing that his skill continues to improve and finished a very credible third from a 140 handicap. After laying a very good course for the conditions Brian R rounded the buoys with speed and took out 4th. Geoff O and Brian S could only be separated by a countback with Geoff taking the higher place with a 1st in his results.

The scratch series of 6 races was hotly contested on a good course for the conditions. With a smallish start line there were numerous bingles and false and premature starts. The gusts that swept across the course started taking its toll with only half of the fleet completing all 6 races.

Geoff O dominated but didn’t have it all his way with Peter B not too far behind. Grant continued his good form all day and took out the 3rd placing with Brian S displaying good boat speed when he got clear air and took out the 4th placing from handicapper Eddy who consistently pushed the front bunch.

It was good to see Lionel back on the course and although I know he finished races I suspect these results to not accurately reflect his placings on the day. With two boats without sail numbers it makes it difficult for the PRO. Get numbers on your sails chaps! It was also good to see Murray D checking out the sailing of the DF 65 with his new boat ready to be launched. Murray is a very experienced and successful yachtie and I am sure will embrace the steep learning curve of racing these exciting little boats.

Results can be found in the drop down menu headed RESULTS LATS MEET. 

Also here https://www.dropbox.com/s/45wyfum4bte54n0/DF65.pdf?raw=1

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Racing Times:
All times are local time as available on local mobile phone services.
Day One: 20/03/2021
Registration: 0930 to 1000 hours
Measurement and inspection: 0930 to 1000 hours
Briefing commences: 1015 hours
Warning signal for first race: 1030 hours
Racing concludes: No heat will commence after 1630 hours

Day 2: 21/03/2021
Briefing commences: 0915 hours
Warning signal for first race: 0930 hours
Racing concludes: No Race will commence after 1330 hours
Presentation function: As soon as possible after racing ends
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