Jan 31, 2021



The breeze for the morning took sometime to settle from swinging from the ENE to the SSE. Racing got started when it partially settled to in the East, however was still moving some 10-15 degrees during the race. Course changes were frequent, moving between the East and SE.

We had a fleet of 11 boats rock up for the days sailing.

Competition over the morning was competitive with numerous skippers keeping front markers on their toes . If it wasn't Brian Richardson it was Murray Howson and/or Colin Westerberg pressing or getting a win over the morning.

Early racing saw Andrew make a couple of mistakes in the first two races by going to wrong marks. Greg Westerberg made the most of these mistakes.  Andrew came back into the the mix with a couple of wins in races 4 and 5 with Greg close behind. Greg managed to get the honours on the day having slightly better height and speed to windward for the rest of the day, along with being on the right side of a couple of shifts in a couple of races.

Brian Richardson again showed some good speed in his V11. Brian is continuing to show improved sailing skills with his regular appearances in the IOM sailing fleet. Murray is helping everyone else's cause with his regular breaking on the start line.

It was good to see the large number of boats rock up for a sail in a championship series race, the experience gained by those in larger fleet scratch start racing will be valuable.



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PosNameSail No.TotalNett
1Greg Westerberg AUS 9920.014.0
2Andrew Grist AUS 15046.022.0
3Murray Howson AUS 1853.033.0
4Brian Richardson AUS 8956.037.0
5Colin Westerberg AUS 5364.040.0
6Brian Eustace AUS 7971.056.0
7Brian Schnieder AUS 477.057.0
8Ian Hebiton AUS 181119.095.0
9Graham Wroth AUS 07131.0107.0
10Harold Keay AUS 33144.0120.0
10Neville Taylor AUS 92144.0120.0

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